Low K Main Courses

A good, interesting main course is essential!

Having a good, interesting main course is essential to not only our physical well-being but also to our emotional and psychological wellbeing. I remember being taken out to a top restaurant in an overseas city which, when its staff found out that I did not eat greens, made no attempt to find substitutes even though there were plenty as I realised when watching other dishes go by. It was very disappointing, and my host did not know how to deal with it. That was some years ago and, since then, I have become more proactive in my requests by looking at the dishes on the rest of the menu and saying – well it is on this dish, just take the green off mine and put this on.

Unfortunately, some chefs are becoming very precious about the dishes they have created and now have signs out the front of their businesses saying that they will not alter any dishes. My advice? Do not eat there. Your health is more important to you than taking any risks.


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