Low K Salads

When I think of salads…!

When I think of salads, I automatically think about lettuce in all its forms which, with the exception of Iceberg lettuce, is on my forbidden list. As all greens are out of the range of dishes in this cookbook, it is important to move on from the traditional view of what makes a salad. Understanding that the purpose of a salad is not only nutritional but, more importantly, contrast in both taste and texture, and a visual addition to the main part of the meal, leads to many opportunities for invention.

One of the handiest commercial items I have found to lift a salad is the small multi packs of mixed fruits. One small box of sultana and apricot, sultana and cranberry, sultana and apple or trail mix is sufficient to liven up a salad and provide 1 serving of fruit shared between two people. The larger classic fruit and nut mix also works well but is a full serving of fruit for two people. There are also mixes of preserved oranges and lemons which, when used in small quantities, make a substantial difference to a salad and can be used as a garnish on different dishes.


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